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Cutting the Cable, Phase 1, Research and Testing

When the cable company that services our location decided to more than double their rates, apparently while maintaining the same sorry levels of service, I decided that I needed to cut the cable for Television.

I had some small, set top type antennas from a previous location that I used to conduct testing while there, so I pressed them into service again.

Taping the antennas to 2 different windows on the main level of the house, I was more than simply surprised to find that I could get 29-33 channels inside my home (we sit down in a valley a bit) depending upon which window antenna I hooked up!

So I ordered 2, directional and pre-amplified, antennas believing that I needed to combine signals from 2 different directions in order to get good coverage. I went to my local home store and purchased 1, 10 foot length, of 1 and 1/4 inch diameter EMT conduit to server as my antenna mast. I took the TV I was testing with to my basement so I didn’t disrupt the main TV in the family room with my testing. I got a couple of large diameter hose clamps, mounted the antenna to one end of the EMT, cabled it up with a long piece of RG6/U Quad Shield Coax. I fastened the lower part of the EMT to a vertical piece of the railing that surrounded my wooden deck at the BASEMENT level! I had prepared myself to receive even fewer channels than in my family room because the antenna was ~10 feet lower than in the family room!

Finally got everything hooked up and then powered on the antenna and TV. Much to my surprise, EVERY channel that had been programmed from the family room trials–some had come in with weak signals and showed broken TV/Audio–now came in with pretty much 100% clarity! To say I was shocked was an understatement. Given the success of simply powering on, I started the TV searching for channels. When that finished I had 58 channels, fully 2 time what I received in my family room!!!!

Lesson learned here, if you have the ability (location and skills) to mount an external antenna, you should do so, the house REALLY degrades the signals!

I then started changing the direction of the antenna in ~ 45 degree increments. In other words, I moved the antenna in a direction about half of a right angle. The antennas I purchased claim a 40 degree width of signal capture.

NOTE!! whatever the width of capture of your antenna at the antenna, the width of that angle will expand greatly in terms of MILES the farther you get away from the antenna! THIS is very important because if you live 30-50 miles from the signal sources like my home is located, you can “tweak” your installation by turning the antenna EVER SO SLIGHTLY in one direction and then the other. This takes time because you need to re-scan the channels after every adjustment to be sure that if additional channels are able to be received, the only way your TV will get them is to do the auto-tune.

By time I had finished my “tweaking”, I spent ~1 hour doing this process, I had 67 channels. Now some channels that we want to watch had gotten weak in the 67 channel position, and the additional channels we picked up, after watching them for a while, were not high priority channels for us, so i went back to a position that I recalled would give GREAT signal on all the high priority channels we want to watch.

Now, allow me to remind you that ALL of this was done at 10 feet above my basement floor level wooden deck! I identified that I have 1 gable end on the roof, 30 feet higher than the place I am currently mounted, which should allow me to place the antenna and mount it in the same relative direction I have it in now. Now when that, not so small of a task, is complete, I will put in extra effort to make my installation more professional and permanent by using a white jacketed coax and white coax retaining clips to make the installation not so visible. I will also route the coax just below our gutters so they will be back in a shadow and not front and center being visible to anyone in the back yard. Finally, I am going to need to drill an entry point for the cable through the top of the basement wall.

Once inside, I need to find a good location to install a “distribution amplifier”. For those who may not be familiar with the term, a distribution amplifier (or as the trade refers to the DA) is an electronic device that takes an incoming signal and sends it out each one of the output ports on the device at the same signal strength. Unlike when you put 3 TVs on the same wire, the signal strength is diminished because it is being tapped by 3 different TVs, a DA provides each one of your 3 TVs with a full strength signal. For homes where you want to watch lots of TVs at the same time, a DA–properly sized for the number of outputs–is a requirement.

OK, so this concludes Phase 1 of my cable cutting experience. Phase 2 will be reported in a few weeks when I gather all the materials needed to install the outside antenna in its permanent location.

Democrats “Gun Safety” Laws.

This is an election year and the gun control groups are out with their new push, “gun safety” laws. The Democrats purport that these laws will make everywhere a safer place by stopping criminals from getting guns. Well, there NEVER has been and NEVER will be any law on the books ANYWHERE that stops criminals from getting the weapons they want to do their killing! I will challenge ANYONE to point to specific laws and specific instances where that specific law actually prevented a criminal from getting the guns he/she wants.

The reason for my statements above are, apparently, too simple for the gun control groups and their Democrat supporters to comprehend. Criminals, by the very definition of the term, do not follow laws. Therefore any laws that purport to stop criminals from getting guns are going to be useless because criminals will not follow the LEGAL mechanisms for obtaining guns! WOW!!! That was about as simple as it gets!

So, how do we go about making people safer. First we must realize that there is some percentage of the population who will NEVER be able to own, hold, or use a gun simply because of the fears they have. I understand that is how they feel, and I respect their feelings and decisions. That said, I am not a member of that segment of the population. I own firearms, I am a certified firearms instructor. A firearm/gun is an inanimate object and as such these items in and of themselves have no capacity to hurt anyone, with the possible exception of dropping one on your toe while wearing sandals and it will likely bruise the toe, or perhaps even break the bone. Outside that, all my firearms are locked and loaded even when stored and over the sum total number of years I have owned and stored them that way, not a single one has done any damage to anything or anyone all by itself.

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and as such I believe that the term “keep and bear arms” applies to ANY firearm, regardless of technology. I believe that if you can afford to buy the firearm, and if you can afford the ammunition to feed the firearm, you as an American Citizen have to right to “keep and bear” that firearm.

Now, if you are going to be a criminal, you should lose rights such as voting and owning firearms.

My heart is deeply saddened when I hear stories such as the killing of Lucy McBath’s son at a gas station, when he did not seem to be doing anything to provoke such an action. As much as that saddens me, the thought that she has adopted a position that she somehow must do something to prevent that from ever happening again is such an infringement on my rights as an American Citizen that her position is a complete violation of the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which says that the enumeration in the Constitution of rights for one group shall not reduce or infringe upon the same rights for another group. Because some criminal shot her son, she feels empowered to infringe upon, and even take away, the rights of law abiding American Citizens to “keep and bear arms”. She is violating other people’s rights for something that NOBODY could have foreseen or prevented.

What is needed in the USA is FEWER “gun control, “gun safety”, “gun violence prevention”, or whatever the current politically correct term for trying to take away the rights of law abiding American Citizens in the interest of “protecting” or “making safer” the nation from people who own guns when the people who legally own guns are not the ones committing these crimes, the criminals who–under all currently on the books gun laws–are not allowed to possess any firearms!

“Gun Free Zones” and Criminals

As many of my posts display, I am NOT a fan of gun free zones and I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  That said, it was quite troublesome to see the video’s that were prepared to be shown at yesterday’s marches which INCORRECTLY  referred to AR-15s as “Assault Weapons”.  An AR-25 is nothing more than a semi-automatic (definition:  One pull of the trigger fires one round) version of a popular deer rifle!

I have always maintained that “Gun Free Zones” ONLY are gun free to law abiding citizens (the definition of a criminal is one who does not follow the law), and as such leave all law abiding citizens in them completely defenseless in the face of a criminal gunman.

Furthermore I have always advocated for ALLOWING licensed faculty and staff on schools to carry their personal firearms on the property as the BEST defense for an active shooter situation.  My reasoning is as follows:

  1. Paid, Armed Security, typically wears a uniform so that they can be easily distinguished from the general population.  This allows the criminal to easily see where they are at any time and to plan an attack vector that puts him farthest away from the armed security.
  2. Many people are demanding arming the teachers as a solution. As I stated above, I advocate ALLOWING licensed faculty and staff to carry PERSONAL firearms on the property for the following reasons.
    1. The carriers are already familiar with these firearms.
    2. The carriers PRACTICE with these firearms.
    3. The carriers are already comfortable carrying their personal firearms.
    4. Not everyone can deal with the responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm, and as such I believe it is not a best practice to try and arm a person who cannot deal with carrying a firearm.
  3. The Parkland attack demonstrated an issue that I had never considered. These “highly trained” law enforcement officers seem to be trained to call for backup instead of engaging the shooter as soon as possible.   This is the worst possible scenario because we have “a good guy with a gun” already on site, but the waiting for backup to arrive completely neutralizes his presence, it is just like calling the authorities even without paid armed security on site!  A complete waste of the school’s funds and it cost 17 people their lives!
  4. I hear many people calling for licensed carriers to “be trained” before they can carry on school property.  I have asked all who say that when I meet them as to what kind of training are they advocating, and NONE can give an actual type of training that they feel is appropriate.  The best, and most unexpected, thing that licensed carriers can do in an active shooter situation is to shoot back!
  5. Allowing licensed carriers on school property causes the following to change as the “Gun Free Zone” is eliminated.
    1. The criminal no longer KNOWS that the population at the school is completely defenseless.
    2. The criminal will encounter the one thing he hates the most, someone shooting at him! (likely from several different directions).
    3. The criminal can no longer tell who is carrying and who is not.
    4. The criminal can no longer know where the guns are on campus at any time.
    5. The criminal can no longer select an attack vector where he has the greatest chance to kill without risk.
  6. At Parkland, and other “Gun Free Zone” attacks, some people shielded others and attempted to engage the gunman, unarmed.  Sadly these efforts ended tragically, but had these heroes been armed, all those incidents would likely have ended much differently.

In closing, my support for the 2nd Amendment is unwavering.  My view is that if you can afford to buy the firearm and you can afford to feed the firearm (purchase the ammunition so you can practice with the firearm), you should be allowed to own the firearm.



Information for Cannon Safe Owners with SecuRam Electronic Locks

Folks, a few years back, I purchased a Safari by Cannon safe with a SecuRam electronic lock for my Son.  Fairly quickly he noticed that the safe was signaling that the battery needed to be changed much more frequently than my safe did.  This constant messing with the battery connector and the associated wires caused the tiny wires to fail, rendering the keypad useless.  I managed to repair all this the first time, and my Son attempted the second repair.  The second repair caused the keypad to quit working entirely even though I could verify with a DMM that we had the correct voltage at the solder points on the circuit board.  This was more than a bit disconcerting and became a real problem when the handle for the safe–which had been left in the open position–managed to get brushed and locked the safe with no way to get in.

Called Cannon who offered to send a new keypad and lock mechanism to us for free, but we had to pay a locksmith to drill the safe to get it open.  I asked if the SecuRam keypads were still available and was told by the support person that they were no longer available.  Like most people, when I heard that I concluded–wrongly I might add–that these components were no longer being manufactured.  So, I set out to search the Internet for anything names SecuRam.  Did I ever hit the mother lode!!!

Turns our that SecuRam electronic locks and keypads are very much still being made and the company’s web site is!   On their web site I found a variety of keypads and after some exploring, I found the specific keypad for my Son’s safe and ordered it.  They ship USPS Priority mail from California and I received it in about 3 days!  The new design on these keypads have a battery carrier that slides into and out of the keypad body in place of the old 9v battery connector and wires.  Once inserted, the 9V battery contacts are engaged by a couple of springs to energize the system, and this entire setup will take much longer to wear out than the old 9V battery connector with those tiny wires that tended to break after several battery changes!   KUDOS to Securamsys for taking a less desirable design and turning it into an incredible design!  After connecting the wire that exits the safe into the new keypad, inserting the battery, and entering the code the safe opened like it was supposed to!

My take away from this experience:

  • Cannon Safe seems to be more concerned about their views, policies, and procedures than they are about assisting their customers.  Seems like a good way to run off customers.  I will NEVER purchase another Cannon Safe EVER!
  • Cannon support DID offer to send me a new keypad and locking mechanism for free, but I had to find a locksmith and pay for him to drill the safe to install the new stuff.  Didn’t seem like a good deal then, and it certainly turned out to not be a good deal now!
  • Cannon Support repeatedly reminded me that if I chose any other path than the one they were offering me, I would void my warranty.  Well IF the new keypad ordered from had not worked, I would have been forced to get a locksmith to drill the safe, and at that point I would have had him install a dial combination lock and the Cannon warranty be damned!  I must comment here that having to pay to drill a safe so it can be opened seems like the “warranty” from Cannon is not what I would expect a warranty to be.  Besides, their warranty does not cover the contents of the safe and it seems that more holes in a safe would have the potential for more loss than the path I took.  The keypad worked and for ~$75.00 I got my Son’s safe working again!

The moral of this post is this:  If you are the sad owner of a Cannon Safari safe with a dead or broken SecuRam keypad, and an inside locking mechanism, You should visit the site and look to see if your keypad is shown in their products section, that $75.00 expenditure may be all you need to get your safe working again!

Setting up your Comcast IPv6 allocation on you Cable Modem, and your Firewall/Router

From my FaceBook post:

It took a bit of noodling to figure out exactly HOW Comcast envisioned the deployment of IPv6, but I finally got all the pieces to fit together and figured out how to deploy IPv6 from my cable modem through my firewall into my LAN. If the support folks at Comcast actually took a few minutes to put together a real document describing what their vision is, this would have been a whole lot faster and easier.

In essence, the Cable modem has to be set to enable DHCPv6 and prefix delegation. If you have a firewall, it must be set on the WAN side to ask for a DHCPv6 assignment and be prepared to accept the prefix delegation. My Cable modem delegated XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:28f0::/64 as my prefix. Once I knew that I was able to address all my LAN devices and have them pass IPv6.

CAVEAT!!! I have a business class account and I pay for static IP addresses (originally IPv4, and received a static IPv6 delegation). If you have a residential account, things may work somewhat differently. If you do not need the intervening firewall (like I do), you may want to consider allowing the Comcast Cable Modem to handle IPv4 and IPv6 addressing as DHCP for both protocols.


So, after some requests, I uploaded a PDF version of my document to this blog post, the URL is below.

Hope everyone finds it useful.

Comcast IPv6 with Netgear FVS318Gv2

Things to trust more than CNN

This is honorably reproduced from a comment by Lim Jahey on the article entitled “New Poll Shows More Americans Trust the White House Than the Media”.



Lim Jahey

5 Things Trusted More Than CNN
1. Breast milk from Bruce Jenner
2. Unprotected sex with Madonna
3. Having a drink will Bill Cosby
4. A Casey Anthony’s babysitting service
5. Getting text messages from Anthony Weiner

Commission to Investigate Voter Fraud

This week President Trump empaneled a commission to investigate voter fraud.  This is a very long time in coming and is filling an extreme need.

The Liberals and Democrats are downplaying the need for a commission to investigate voter fraud because, historically, they are the party benefiting from illegally case ballots!

I am hopeful that this commission will find voter fraud as rampant as it really is and that Congress will find their collective will to pass legislation that will require a photo voter ID for EVERY elected office in the Federal Government.


08/09/2017:  UPDATE!  Added 9 more links at bottom of page.


As examples of what I have collected over a relatively short period of time, I present the following links to voter fraud stories:

Mississippi County Agrees to Voter Roll Cleanup Plan

ACRU, et al. v. Snipes

Virginia Voter’s Alliance, et al. v. Leider

Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters in Pennsylvania

Bombshell: At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016

NPR: 25 Million Votes For Clinton ‘Completely Fake’ – She Lost Popular Vote


LOL! LIBERAL OHIO ACTIVIST GOES TO JAIL For 13 Counts Of Felony Voter Fraud…One Year After Falsely Accusing Elections Board Of Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

12 Staffers At Dem-Linked Group Charged With Voter Fraud

10 of 11 California Counties With More Registered Voters than Voting Age Adults Are Democrat

Broward County Comes Clean: Felons and Illegals Voted Big Time in 2016 Election!

CBS 46 Atlanta, The Gun Fight

The Gun Fight on the CBS46 FB Page


I heard all the preparations about how CBS46 was tackling a “hot button” issue and that tensions are high on both sides, but they wanted to present both sides of the debate equally.  OK, they failed miserably on that point. Because they spent a majority of the time talking emotional issues and not issues related to guns.

I agree that what happened to April McConnell is a tragedy, but the fact remains that her husband WANTED TO KILL HER! If through some mechanism we could replay that terrible night, and remove the gun from the story, the incident still would have happened, but the weapon would have been different. When someone WANTS TO KILL another, it is not the gun that is the problem, it is he person and even if there is no gun, there WILL be a weapon and the attempt to murder WILL occur.

The couple whose son was shot from behind by someone got their story correct–and the hosts tried their best to change the subject when the mood turned pro gun–NOTHING would have saved him from this murder because the murderer sneaked up on him from behind.

I found all the emotional stories of kids getting killed to be particularly upsetting because they basically fall into two very broad categories. The first I call “Collateral Damage” because the the kids were NOT the intended targets, but a speeding bullet knows nothing of an intended target. The second broad category I call “Accidental Deaths”. In this category I lump kids “finding” a firearm and shooting themselves, one of their siblings, or friends and we have heard plenty of these stories in 2015.

I am more at a loss to address the first group because that REQUIRES teaching our young men and women that Human Life is precious and the families of these young men and women have failed miserably in this responsibility of parenting!

On the 2nd group, I do have a solution and I have evidence that my suggested process WORKS! Today we teach kids that guns are evil and bad, but we DO NOT TEACH THEM ABOUT HOW TO SAFELY HANDLE ONE! Consequently, WHEN–and yes it is going to happen–a kid finds a weapon, he/she has NO IDEA of what to do or even how dangerous it can be! EVERY KID IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD should be taught the 4 rules of gun safety for THEIR protection, the PROTECTION of their siblings and friends, and for the PROTECTION of the general public!

For the Record, the 4 Rules of Gun Safety are as follows:

1. ALWAYS treat EVERY gun as if it is loaded! See the following 3 rules to understand how this is accomplished!

2. NEVER allow the muzzle of a gun to cover ANYTHING you are not willing to shoot or KILL! This means to NEVER point the end of the gun where the bullet comes out at ANYTHING you are not willing to shoot of kill! This includes ANY part of your own body! DO NOT LOOK INTO THE MUZZLE OF A GUN EVER!  DON’T point it at YOUR–or anyone else’s–FACE!  Do not point a gun at ANY PERSON–unless you are going to shoot them!  Do not point a gun at ANY ANIMAL, again unless you are going to shoot it!

3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire! NEVER carry a gun with your finger anywhere near or on the trigger. The gun MAY be loaded, cocked, and ready to fire an you may not know it!

4. ALWAYS check to be CERTAIN of what is BEHIND your target before firing! Your bullet may go through your target and keep on going so you may be about to shoot something or someone whom you were not intending to shoot! You MAY MISS YOUR TARGET! Even with all the practicing that I do, I do occasionally miss my target too. This is for EVERYONE, but especially for those young men and women who think shooting out of a moving car of shooting into a crowd is appropriate! MANY people are injured or killed because some IDIOT has a gun and chooses to fire indiscriminately in a direction with NO REGARD for what is behind the target you are shooting at!

Had the following kids been taught these 4 rules of gun safety, I would likely not be in a position to relate their stories in my blog tonight!

The Lithonia kid who found a revolver in the woods then shot and killed a 13 year old sibling.  He broke all 4 rules of gun safety!

The 13 year old girl who found a loaded gun in the sofa, would likely be alive today had she been taught the 4 rules of gun safety because she would not have pointed the weapon at herself!

The list goes on, but the point is well made. Teaching kids about the 4 rules of gun safety and the proper operation of a gun MAY have saved MANY kids in 2015!

In many of the comments made by those in the studio, the point was made repeatedly that to teach the kids, the ADULTS must first KNOW the 4 rules of gun safety! Knowing that may also have prevented some of these tragedies because that gun may not have been in that sofa. That revolver may not have been in those woods. When a parent or parents SHOW responsibility, the kids LEARN responsibility!

I have my license, I carry a gun almost everywhere because I am not permitted to carry everywhere I go.  I do not carry in fear.  I do not carry in anger.  I know what gun I have with me.  I know what my skills are with that gun.  I know what type and how much ammunition I have available to me when carrying.  I know which type of ammunition is appropriate for which situation. I am as prepared as I can be and I continue to practice to keep my skills honed.

I have NEVER had to use my firearm as a weapon, and hope I never have to.  I believe my training and practice will give me an edge should that time ever come.  Until that time comes, I will not know exactly how I will react. I can predict and I can believe, but until the specific scenario happens, I will not know for certain!

I willingly accept to TEACH people how to safely use a gun.  I will go to the range and walk someone through how to load the magazine, how to install the magazine in the gun, how to operate the gun to load a round into the chamber in preparation for firing–this also cocks the firing mechanism so that the gun will shoot when the trigger is pulled.

When accepting a new shooter to teach I provide a printed copy of the 4 rules of gun safety and the description of the meaning of all 4 rules to my new shooter. UNTIL such time as that new shooter can–without the aid of the printed copy–tell me the 4 rules of gun safety in the proper order AND tell me the description of each rule, I WILL NOT go to the range with that new shooter. The 4 rules of gun safety are necessary for the safety of the new shooter, for the safety of everyone else at the range, and for my personal safety.  Should my new shooter violate one of those rules, we pack up and leave immediately.  I want my new shooter to understand that when talking about guns, there is no “reset” button.  When you pull the trigger you cannot recall the bullet like you can some Email systems.  When you pull the trigger on a gun, whatever the muzzle is pointed at when the firing mechanism discharges the round in the chamber, will be hit by a 115-230 grain projectile moving at somewhere between 850 and 1,300 feet per second for handgun rounds!  Rifle rounds can be lighter or heavier, and travel at speeds in excess of 3,000 feet per second! (1,100 feet per second is generally considered super sonic).  If you shoot at something you were not intending to, it is likely the bullet will hit before the person or animal hears the gun go off!

As I have repeatedly said in my post, KNOWING and FOLLOWING the 4 rules of Gun Safety will go far in reducing the number of accidental deaths by firearms!

When you pull the trigger on a gun, whatever the muzzle is pointed at when the firing mechanism discharges the round in the chamber, will be hit by a 115-230 grain projectile moving at somewhere between 850 and 1,300 feet per second for handgun rounds!  Rifle rounds can be lighter or heavier, and travel at speeds in excess of 3,000 feet per second! (1,100 feet per second is generally considered super sonic).  If you shoot at something you were not intending to, it is likely the bullet will hit before the person or animal hears the gun go off!

Convention of States To Propose New Amendments to the Constitution of The United States

The following, bold and italicized, text is from a 2009 post regarding congressional term limits.

“The current Congress seems to be the best argument for imposing term limits! The Democratic leadership is constantly pushing bills through that many of our elected officials–even those in their own party–have never had a chance to read or comment on! For this writer, I am not even certain that these actions are even permitted by the rules of the House or Senate, but Speaker Pelosi seems to believe that her actions are above reproach!

I am advocating a LIFETIME maximum of 2 terms–per person regardless of political affiliation–in the same office. Since it is pretty much a given that the elected officials in Congress will not author this legislation on their own, then this will have to be a grass roots effort by the people of the United States if we want to take back the power of our elected offices from those who would abuse it!

I am not a constitutional scholar by any stretch of the imagination, so I am looking for some input from someone who is to help us get this grass roots effort started and to get it rolling! I am assuming that this is a long term commitment for those of us who are serious about getting our Congress cleaned up. If someone has some other items that you think should be on our agenda, then please contribute them by posting them to this blog.”
Back in 2009, I posted the above text about term limits. I am still convinced today that is as applicable as ever.  The United States of America is in SERIOUS need of some new Amendments to our Constitution. I am completely in favor of convening a Convention of States to draft a set of proposed new Amendments that will be submitted to the States to be voted on one-by-one to be ratified (or not) by each state. Should any of these proposed Amendments meet the 3/4 of the states mark to become part of the Constitution, then they will be ratified as such!

I am by no means a lawyer, but I intend to write what I believe a new Amendment might need to say in my own words. You may agree or disagree.


  • Term Limits For ALL Elected Officials. Every Member of Congress should be allowed a lifetime maximum of 2 terms in the U.S House of Representatives, and 2 terms in the U.S. Senate with a minimum gap of 4 years between ANY terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and ANY terms in the Senate!


  • After Leaving Congress, ALL former members MUST wait for 10 years to pass before being retained in ANY capacity to lobby or consult with ANY part of the Federal Government.


  • All Executive Branch Agencies, bureaus, commissions, departments, services, or other organization under the Executive Branch may ONLY PROPOSE rule changes. For ANY rule changes to become law, levy fines, penalties, or carry jail/prison time, they MUST be put into a bill and passed first through the U.S. House of Representatives then the U.S Senate and signed into law by the sitting President.


  • Congress is hereby prohibited from delegating ANY of it’s Constitutionally assigned powers and responsibilities to anyone who is not an elected representative of the U.S. Congress


  • Congress cannot include ANY language in ANY bill, rider, or Amendment to any bill to exclude themselves from any part of any law.


  • The private pension fund and private medical insurance for Members of Congress shall be revoked immediately. As long as the Federal Government requires private citizens to buy insurance or face a fine, levy, or tax or any type, Congress will be forced to purchase insurance for THEIR families from the choices available on any Government insurance exchange or other distribution tool as dictated by law!  Presidential and Congressional pensions shall be no more than 70% of their highest average salary for the last contiguous 12 months of service.  Such a pension shall run for only the total number of years that the individual served in Congress (or as the President).


  • All Executive Orders, Actions, Memos or any other directive put forth by the President of the United States are expressly prohibited from making ANY CHANGES to allocation of monies from what Congress has stipulated or to make any changes to ANY law passed by Congress and signed by ANY President that is still in force.


  • The President of the United States and his family is limited to no more than 2, maximum of 2 week long, vacations/trips taken at taxpayer expense where the President or ANY member of the President’s family or entourage is staying at any facility NOT owned by the U.S. Government, or the purpose of the trip is not U.S. Government business. Should a President choose to take a non-taxpayer funded vacation/trip, he and his family will be responsible for reimbursing the United States Government for all expenses incurred by the United States Government in support of that vacation or trip!


  • All Representatives or Senators serving on Committees MUST have a web site (may be part of the committee web site), unrestricted to anyone in the United States of America, where a citizen can write to express views and / or ask questions related to any bills or business that is in that committee.


  • This Amendment removes the ability of the Federal Government to license, restrict–even for interstate commerce–the manufacture, sale, trade, or barter of ANY weapons by any citizen of the United States of America to any Citizen of the United States of America, provided the purchaser is not classified as a “prohibited” person under the laws of the United States of America. This Amendment also repeals All federal gun laws on the books including, but not limited to, the NFA of 1934, the 1968 firearms act, and the Assault weapons ban.


  • This Amendment repeals all legislation related to the creation of the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS is hereby replaced by the Flat Tax.


  • This Amendment disbands and forbids the creation of the following Executive agencies, departments, bureaus, commissions, or other Executive organization: The Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Energy, The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, and The Department of Agriculture.


  • No “political action committees” of ANY definition may be formed to participate in ANY election.


  • No child born to non-citizen parents illegally in the United States will be granted U.S. Citizenship.


  • All children born to parents–no matter where in the world or even off the earth–when at least one parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of the child’s birth–shall be granted U.S. Citizenship and be considered a “Natural Born Citizen” for all purposes under the Constitution of the United States.


  • All elected, and appointed members of the Federal Government including, but not limited to, members of Congress, federal judges, and all employees of the Federal Government shall have the first requirement to hold these positions that they must be citizens of the United States of America.


Politicians, Well Certain Ones, Act as if They Are Above The Law!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Loretta Lynch, and the list goes on, all believe that the laws of the United States–and the oaths of office that each one took upon entering each term–applies to everyone else and not to themselves!

As this is the 2016 Election season, my focus will be on Hillary Clinton, but I will include the others as the opportunity affords itself.

Let’s start with the most talked about of topics, Hillary’s Email server and the numerous scandals surrounding it.

She took the training on what did and did not qualify as appropriate measures for handling classified documents. Regardless of the characterizations by FBI Director Comey that the FBI would not recommend prosecution for those transgressions because of lack of intent, I must disagree with his assessment. ANYBODY ELSE in the entire United States Government who is NOT Hillary Clinton would have had charges recommended! Indeed, the list of people who have committed much less severe infractions and who have both had charges pressed and were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is a very long one, indeed! This is nothing more that preferential political treatment by the Obama Administration which is also a violation of the oaths of office by EVERY official who has come into contact with this case and who has declined to investigate, cooperate, or press charges. I hold onto hope that once Donald Trump is elected, his administration will prosecute EVERY Obama Administration official who violated their oath of office and who ignored laws to allow Hillary and her Email scandal to continue!

To Director Comey’s declaration of a lack of intent, one must ask exactly WHY Hillary’s server administrator went to the extreme of using an open source program to completely destroy all remnants of any emails that may have been on that server if there was NOTHING on it that could be considered evidence of intent to handle classified material on an insecure server housed in an very insecure location?

To the Democratic Sheeple who will hang on and believe every word spoken by Hillary no matter how overwhelming and damming the evidence that her statements are 100% fabrications, I ask how you can hang on the fact that she is a woman and can advocate for her to be elected to the Office of the President of the United States seeing that she allowed 4 American Citizens to die at the Benghazi embassy. Perhaps that once a suitable donation to the Clinton Foundation was made, she arranged for a company to sell a sizable amount of United States Uranium Reserve to Russia may be enough to convince you. Does it not make your American Blood boil to see the video footage of her telling the families of these dead Americans from Benghazi that they were killed due to an offensive Internet video? Can you still vote for her after seeing where she gave meetings to 87 private individuals only after these people made large donations to the Clinton Foundation?

Hillary Clinton is a complete and total criminal for everything she did. She may be an un-indicted criminal, but a criminal nonetheless! America already has a criminal in the White House because he does not follow the oath he swore upon entering the office both terms. Do we REALLY need to elect another unqualified criminal because she is a woman? I think not!

I NEVER WILL support someone who has such hate and animosity as Hillary does for the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America, and America itself! I find it incomprehensible to understand how others can, but it may be tied to the term Sheeple. There is a segment of our population who simply does what they are told and who do not question their leaders, as they were trained to do while in school. The last time this happened the entire world entered into a war to topple those tyrants and millions of people were killed and millions of innocent people were slaughtered because of these tyrants.

The saying that “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is more applicable today that I can ever recall in my life so far. I can only hope that enough American Citizens–both natural and naturalized–have awakened and will go to the polls in November and vote for Donald Trump! It will take a man like Trump to take on the overwhelming corruption in D.C. and straighten it out! Trump will need the help of the newly awakened American People to vote the crooked politicians out of office.

Finally, it seems that it is now up to the American Citizens to pressure our state governments to call for an Article V Convention of States so that the People can craft new Amendments to the Constitution to improve our Country. The Convention of States and new Amendments will be the subject of another post!