Greg Guldenschuh

Standards Based Networking
More than 20 years experience using standard IETF protocols in networking. BGP4, EGP, and OSPF for external and internal routing.

   If you are looking for a very experienced, professional, Vice President, Director, or Manager of Information Technology / Networking; then you have found me.   With total experience in excess of 25 years, my technical management background and experience is second to none.   During my career, my staff and I have moved data centers all around the US multiple times.   We have also built several data centers from scratch.   As a manager, I have worked at a Director level and have had as many as 30 direct reports during various points in my career. I have managed a staff of 15 across 4 different departmental functions.   I have successfully performed budgetary, HR, "C" suite level presentations, customer facing duties, and hire/fire responsibilities during my tenure in various managerial roles.

Local, Metropolitan, National,
International, and World Wide Network Experience
I have designed, built, and operated standards based networks that spanned our building, our campus, our metropolitan Atlanta area, All of North America, and around the globe!   This combination of systems and networking experience is not easy to find!

   My systems and networking philosophy is to adhere to the standards defined by the standards making bodies such as the IETF.   This will help to insure interoperability with a minimum of problems across equipment manufactured by virtually any company in the market today.   Over the years, my various employers have been pursuing a very active acquisition strategy.   Without my dedication to maintaining totally standards based systems and networks, integrating these acquired companies into our corporate mindset would have been a very real nightmare!   Our networks used 3Com, Cisco, and Extreme Networks Equipment as our basic vendors.   The networks we acquired brought us Livingston, Bay / Nortel, Motorola, Allied Telesis, and several obscure brands of networking equipment.

  Many employers want people to have disaster recovery experience.   Although I have designed and tested many disaster recovery scenarios, my experience shows that it is far better to avoid a disaster if at all possible than to try to recover from one.   This leads me to push my teams to look for ways to add resiliency into our systems and networks at the earliest design phase possible.

Current Development Experience in
Nagios, Mediawiki, Perl, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and MySQL.
As part of my daily job, I write plug-ins for Nagios to support new types of equipment we install on the network.  I am converting approximately 15,000 mediawiki static pages to templates that read MySQL databases to determine status and colorize Graphviz graphs that represent "bite sized" segments of our network.

   As a network management professional, I have managed my staff monitoring all our networks throughout my entire career.   Additionally, I have personally installed, configured, and used many different SNMP and proprietary protocol based network management systems.   For the last 2 and one-half years, I have been using Nagios combined with a front end of Mediawiki to manage the GDOT Georgia Navigator networks in the Atlanta area.   I have had to write and modify more than a dozen Nagios plug-ins to monitor and manage several different types of equipment and to add new functionality into existing monitored devices.   I designed and built a 2 way communications system between our Nagios monitoring system and our Maximo asset management and ticketing system.   Having this 2-way communication allows Maximo to control when Nagios will send notifications of down devices.   Since Maximo can have multiple statuses that represent a "down" state to Nagios, but the devices are not necessarily "down" to Maximo, this communication prevents our incident queue from overflowing with useless notifications!

   If these are the skills you are looking for, then we should be talking.   You can download a PDF copy of my achievements based resume by Clicking Here or a copy of my skills based resume by Clicking Here.   You may send me an Email at [email protected]. You may also call my office at (678) 534-5330.   If I do not answer, please leave a message.   I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.