Greg Guldenschuh

Senior Linux Administrator
More than 10 years installing, configuring and managing Linux, and other **UX systems in both physical and virtual environments.

   If you are looking for a Seasoned, senior Linux Professional, I have the skills that fit your requirements.   My technical management background and experience is second to none.   I have authenticated users for Linux using LDAP to AD and openLDAP installations.      As a manager, I have worked at a Director level and have had as many as 30 direct reports during various points in my career. I have managed a staff of 15 across 4 different departmental functions.   I have successfully performed budgetary, HR, "C" suite level presentations, customer facing duties, and hire/fire responsibilities during my tenure in various managerial roles.

Email Deliverability Engineer / Manager
Have built, configured, and maintained PowerMTA based bulk email systems for more than 3 years   With more than 20 years configuring and running MTAs, my SMTP skills are second to none.

   One of the strongest skills I bring to the table is the ability to define a problem.   I take problem incidents daily, get the various log files form the system(s) involved and analyze those logs to define what the underlying cause so that it can be fixed.   I am the guy who recognizes the value of doing the work to keep a data center running on a daily basis.  I advocate to automate those tasks that SHOULD be automated, but choose to keep the tasks that do not perform well in automation as manual so that a Human touch can define the problem quickly and without attempting "fixes" that may do more damage than good.  As an example, a backup system I manage is Avamar with a storage array attached for saving the backups.   Since most of out machines are virtualized on VMware, Avamar takes a snapshot prior to the backup to allow the machine to continue to function while the backup os happening from the "snapshot" files.  There are many things that can cause a machine to not be able to be snapshot, trying to automate a fix without defining the problem can cause a loss of data on the backup and could result in an inoperable system should the need to restore it ever arise.

  Many employers want people to have disaster recovery experience.   Although I have designed and tested many disaster recovery scenarios, my experience shows that it is far better to avoid a disaster if at all possible than to try to recover from one.   This leads me to push my teams to look for ways to add resiliency into our systems and networks at the earliest design phase possible.

   If these are the skills you are looking for, then we should be talking.   You can download a PDF copy of my resume by Clicking Here   You may send me an Email at You may also call my office at (678) 534-5330.   If I do not answer, please leave a message.