This week President Trump empaneled a commission to investigate voter fraud.  This is a very long time in coming and is filling an extreme need.

The Liberals and Democrats are downplaying the need for a commission to investigate voter fraud because, historically, they are the party benefiting from illegally case ballots!

I am hopeful that this commission will find voter fraud as rampant as it really is and that Congress will find their collective will to pass legislation that will require a photo voter ID for EVERY elected office in the Federal Government.


08/09/2017:  UPDATE!  Added 9 more links at bottom of page.


As examples of what I have collected over a relatively short period of time, I present the following links to voter fraud stories:

Mississippi County Agrees to Voter Roll Cleanup Plan

ACRU, et al. v. Snipes

Virginia Voter’s Alliance, et al. v. Leider

Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters in Pennsylvania

Bombshell: At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016

NPR: 25 Million Votes For Clinton ‘Completely Fake’ – She Lost Popular Vote


LOL! LIBERAL OHIO ACTIVIST GOES TO JAIL For 13 Counts Of Felony Voter Fraud…One Year After Falsely Accusing Elections Board Of Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

12 Staffers At Dem-Linked Group Charged With Voter Fraud

10 of 11 California Counties With More Registered Voters than Voting Age Adults Are Democrat

Broward County Comes Clean: Felons and Illegals Voted Big Time in 2016 Election!

One thought on “Commission to Investigate Voter Fraud”
  1. The news and evidence that voter fraud not only exists, but is running rampant is growing larger and larger every day!

    The USA needs 50 state voter Photo ID laws!

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