I am well aware of the need for reforming the current health care system in the United States, and I think that it COULD be a good idea. My greatest fear with the haphazard way we are going about this is that in order to provide coverage for the minority of people who do not have any coverage, that we are going to completely wreck the good coverage that the overwhelming majority of people currently have!

I am also completely dead set AGAINST the idea of fines and/or jail time for people who choose to not participate. The United States has always been a place where people can make decision about their lives and they will have to live with the consequences! I know a great many people who feel they have the common sense to make an intelligent choice for themselves and their family. I cannot state strongly enough how much I am against any more Government intrusion into the lives of the American People!

Back to reforming the health care system. For some time now, health care in the United States has not been focused on getting people healthy and curing disease, it has been focusing on “maintaining” some quality of life for those people who have various diseases so the medical providers and the drug companies can keep you paying on a monthly basis and increase their revenue streams! If you REALLY want to reform the system

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