This is an election year and the gun control groups are out with their new push, “gun safety” laws. The Democrats purport that these laws will make everywhere a safer place by stopping criminals from getting guns. Well, there NEVER has been and NEVER will be any law on the books ANYWHERE that stops criminals from getting the weapons they want to do their killing! I will challenge ANYONE to point to specific laws and specific instances where that specific law actually prevented a criminal from getting the guns he/she wants.

The reason for my statements above are, apparently, too simple for the gun control groups and their Democrat supporters to comprehend. Criminals, by the very definition of the term, do not follow laws. Therefore any laws that purport to stop criminals from getting guns are going to be useless because criminals will not follow the LEGAL mechanisms for obtaining guns! WOW!!! That was about as simple as it gets!

So, how do we go about making people safer. First we must realize that there is some percentage of the population who will NEVER be able to own, hold, or use a gun simply because of the fears they have. I understand that is how they feel, and I respect their feelings and decisions. That said, I am not a member of that segment of the population. I own firearms, I am a certified firearms instructor. A firearm/gun is an inanimate object and as such these items in and of themselves have no capacity to hurt anyone, with the possible exception of dropping one on your toe while wearing sandals and it will likely bruise the toe, or perhaps even break the bone. Outside that, all my firearms are locked and loaded even when stored and over the sum total number of years I have owned and stored them that way, not a single one has done any damage to anything or anyone all by itself.

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and as such I believe that the term “keep and bear arms” applies to ANY firearm, regardless of technology. I believe that if you can afford to buy the firearm, and if you can afford the ammunition to feed the firearm, you as an American Citizen have to right to “keep and bear” that firearm.

Now, if you are going to be a criminal, you should lose rights such as voting and owning firearms.

My heart is deeply saddened when I hear stories such as the killing of Lucy McBath’s son at a gas station, when he did not seem to be doing anything to provoke such an action. As much as that saddens me, the thought that she has adopted a position that she somehow must do something to prevent that from ever happening again is such an infringement on my rights as an American Citizen that her position is a complete violation of the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which says that the enumeration in the Constitution of rights for one group shall not reduce or infringe upon the same rights for another group. Because some criminal shot her son, she feels empowered to infringe upon, and even take away, the rights of law abiding American Citizens to “keep and bear arms”. She is violating other people’s rights for something that NOBODY could have foreseen or prevented.

What is needed in the USA is FEWER “gun control, “gun safety”, “gun violence prevention”, or whatever the current politically correct term for trying to take away the rights of law abiding American Citizens in the interest of “protecting” or “making safer” the nation from people who own guns when the people who legally own guns are not the ones committing these crimes, the criminals who–under all currently on the books gun laws–are not allowed to possess any firearms!


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