When the Framers drafted the Constitution of the United States of America, they wrote in the language they knew, the language of their time. Over the years our political system–and our bastions of higher learning–have attempted to “interpret” the Constitution to fit whatever their agenda of the moment has been. I am advocating that we “interpret” the words of the Constitution as they are written on the paper and not try to add anything else to them. That opinion causes some people to “pigeon-hole” me as a “Constitutional Originalist”. I have been referred to in much more derogatory terms. I consider that label a high honor as the late Justice Antonin Scalia also had that label applied.

I am also a very firm believer that the Constitution of the United States of America must apply equally to all American CITIZENS. That does not include those who are here illegally and those who are here legally but who break our laws. The enemies of the United States have found our unprotected underbelly and are sending their minions here “legally” and having them commit their acts of terrorism, some number of years later. after they have integrated themselves into our society.

If our founding fathers foresaw this threat I cannot see that in the wording of the Constitution.

We are therefore left to craft legislation to address these threats ourselves. Hopefully, the intentions of our “out of the mainstream” legislators and courts will be swayed by the up-welling of a true grass roots movement in our country where REAL American Citizens stop being silent Sheeple. The time is NOW for the American Citizens–both natural born and naturalized–to stand up and make our collective voices heard it Washington, D.C. so our elected officials who are sent there to serve the will of the people have no doubt as to what that will is.

I am encouraged by the TEA Party movement in this country and count myself among the TEA party members. If the TEA party were an option for voter registration I would register with this party in a half a heartbeat!

My message is simple. To the legislators at each end of the spectrum–liberal and conservative–I say come more toward the middle and make the individual citizen your primary focus because we are the ones who elect you (or not). Is big government the answer? Not at all! Is big business the answer? Nope wrong again! Take a long and hard look at who makes this country work and there you will find the small businessman/businesswoman! These small businesses employ more people that the big businesses ever will and these businesses typically care about the communities they serve because they ARE the community they serve! Big businesses simply are trying to meet the expectations of their–typically institutional and very short term focused–investors.

OK enough of my thoughts what are your opinions on this subject?”

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