I have chosen to post this because of the MASSIVE amount of misinformation that is being propagated by the media and the Government.  EVERY statement being made here will include a scientific study that demonstrates that the statement is accurate.



The CDC on its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report FaceBook page reports the following:  N95 and KN95 masks lowers the odds of testing positive for COVID.  Please read the previous statement again, it DOES NOT say anything about protecting your from getting COVID, but makes some cryptic statement about lowering your odds of testing positive.  To lump N95 and KN95 into the same category on this page is 100% MISINFORMATION!  There are MAJOR DIFFERENCES between N95 respirators and KN95 dust control masks.

Below is a comparison chart for N95 respirators  and KN95 masks:

N95 vs. KN95 masks

Referencing the above chart (this is on the masksforheros.com/kn95-mask/ page.

The 4th row down from the top shows “Total Inward Leakage”  that is how much air that you inhale that is NOT being filtered because the mask leaks.  For the N95, the number is ZERO, for the KN95 the number is less than or equal to 8% of all inhaled air (This value is listed as an arithmetic mean which means they took some number of samples and averaged them together and divided the result by the number of samples).  Given the previous statement, to get an arithmetic mean, some number of the samples MUST have been above the published mean of 8%.


The next line to look at is the 3rd up from the bottom “Exhalation Valve Leakage Requirement”.  For the N95 the value is “Leak rate less than or equal to 30 milliliters/minute.  For the KN95 the value is “Depressurization to 0 in greater than or equal to 20 seconds.  So a KN95 mask will leak (not filter) your exhalation and completely depressurize the mask due to leakage in ZERO to 20 seconds!

So, the takeaway here is that KN95 masks leak upon inhalation and leak upon exhalation meaning that this mask does not filter a fairly large volume of your breathing (in and out) which pretty well negates any of the value that the mask is supposed to provide.

BTW, KN95 masks are designed for filtering dust (WAY larger than a virus).  They are recommended for wearing while cutting the grass, sanding, grinding, or sawing.

The following text is on the masksforheros.com article and I still cannot believe that someone actually posted this statement:

KN95 masks are created to have at least 95% filtration efficiency, which makes them just as good as the N95 masks (97% filtration efficiency) and better than surgical masks (95% filtration efficiency) and PM 2.5 filter masks (approximately 60% filtration efficiency).


The below graphic was gathered from ocregister.com.

It shows the relative size of the coronavirus vs other objects.

Given what is in the graphic, the coronavirus is about 0.12 microns.

The bacteria shown is 1,000 nm which is 1 micron, so the coronavirus is ~1/8 the size of a bacteria.


Relative sizes of coronavirus and other objects

On EVERY site that talks about N95 and KN95 masks, they all quote a filtration rate of 95%. Question there is 95% of WHAT?

The actual quote SHOULD be 95% of particulates of ? micron(s) in size and greater.

Again, this is 100% Government misinformation,  the 95% filtration looks great, but with no context of what size particle the manufacturers are referring to, the claim is completely meaningless!

In an attempt to provide some context to all these claims, I looked up the size of an NaCl molecule which is quoted as  the test particle in many masks.  One molecule of NaCl (common table salt) is 0.007 microns, or 7 nm, So, if a Coronavirus is ~ 120 nm, then it is much larger than a molecule of salt.  Now, the make and break is air leakage when inhaling and exhaling.  As already shown, the KN95 masks have some significant air leakage.  ALL that air leakage means that when inhaling you are getting some percentage of the air you inhale that is completely unfiltered!  When you exhale, the air leakage numbers are even more significant because the KN95 masks will go to complete depressurization in ZERO to 20 seconds.  So, if you are wearing a KN95 to protect others, you are emitting a fairly significant amount of exhalation that will not be filtered and as such will have the opportunity to infect others if you are communicable.

To add to the misinformation that is being disseminated, even by Politifact, they have an article posted in June of 2020, that attempts to debunk that the coronavirus cannot go through an N95 mask because it is ALWAYS bonded to something else.  The CDC has published an article (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE URL) that discusses the transmission of the coronavirus which states that it is now considered an airborne virus.  In this article the CDC says:

The smallest very fine droplets, and aerosol particles formed when these fine droplets rapidly dry, are small enough that they can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours.

In that statement is a very important admission, and aerosol particles formed when these fine droplets rapidly dry.  There is absolutely no information provided to guide the reader in determining what size the “aerosol particles” may be.  This could be interpreted as when the “smallest very fine droplets dry” there could possibly be nothing for the virus itself left floating in the air.

This article (CLICK HERE FOR URL) gives some fairly technical data.  Since this was done prior to the pandemic, the KN95 masks are not included in this testing scenario.  I think you may find the article enlightening and the conclusions interesting.

The following graphic is from the EPA web site and this graphic shows the relative “Fitted Filtration Efficiency (FFE)” of different types of masks.  At the bottom of the graphic the list the FFE for the N95 respirator and a surgical mask with ties.  The graphic is interesting.  The URL of the article containing this graphic is CLICK HERE.

Comparison of FFE of different types of masks.

OK, MASSIVE Fearmongering by Joementia.

This was from a noqreport.com article on 02/05/2022 (URL: https://noqreport.com/2022/02/05/scaremonger-biden-banks-on-ignorance-of-the-people-with-shockingly-misleading-covid-stat/)

Biden fear mongering tweet 2-5-22

As much as I hate to say this, it appears that the first part of this tweet is correct, although there is absolutely NO CONTEXT for what that 97 times more likely to die actually means.

So, here is the context:

The statistic is based on percentages from a very large sampling with an extremely low occurrence of death. The death rate for unvaxxed Americans is 0.00587% versus the death rate for boosted, which is 0.00033%. To put that into perspective, that means that out of 100,000 unvaxxed Americans compared to 100,000 boosted Americans, there will be around five additional deaths.

Five. Out of 100,000.

There’s another misleading aspect to this. Patients with terminal illnesses are not offered vaccines or boosters. If someone is going to die in a matter of weeks or even days from a cause other than Covid and they have Covid in their system when they die, they are counted as a Covid death. This may only account for a small percentage of increased unvaccinated death numbers, but we’re already dealing with a very low number.

Biden and the powers-that-be are so desperate to scare people into getting vaxxed, boosted, double-boosted, rejabbed with the upcoming Omicron injections, and reliant on a regimen of daily Covid pills that they need people to be terrified of a disease that is quickly becoming an afterthought. According to the dataset the CDC released, 99.994% of the unvaxxed have either recovered from Omicron or never got sick in the first place. It’s insane that the vaxx-nannies are trying so hard to “protect” us considering the numbers.


I don’t know how long the following URL will be active, but this is good reading:


2/8/2022:  Came across this URL today.  This is very interesting reading



2/10/2022:  Found today:

Autopsy Reveals Death of a 68-Year-Old Woman Was Due to Allergic Reaction from COVID-19 Vaccine – Family Plans to File Lawsuit

Autopsy Reveals Death of a 68-Year-Old Woman Was Due to Allergic Reaction from COVID-19 Vaccine – Family Plans to File Lawsuit


Found today 02/21/2022:

Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid “Vaccines” Cause CATASTROPHIC Damage to Organs


Found this today 02/24/2022:


Rendering of the structure of the Coronavirus

The above URL is a very interesting read that the severe disease from COVID is actually an allergic reaction to the spike protein!

Interesting to me is that these booster shots contain the spike proteins, so could people just dropping be explained by then having an anaphylactic reaction to the spike proteins?



Found Today, 03-04-2022:


Link to the study by Swedish scientists as mentioned in the above article:


We always knew that Hydroxochloroquine stopped COVID and saved lives, but what we didn’t know is WHEN this was discovered and that it has been suppressed since 2003!


An excerpt from the above article:

Five Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) U.S. scientists (employed by the U.S. government), along with three Canadian government scientists, in 2005 published a paper showing chloroquine was an effective drug against SARS coronaviruses. European scientists showed the same thing in 2004.


Found 3-6-2022:



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