Earlier this week, about 3 days ago, I was editing my php.ini file on one of my servers. I was changing the post_max_size to 4GB. Please note that “GB” is NOT a valid indicator for Gigabytes, in php.ini, it is 4G.

This took me 2 full, hard days of troubleshooting because something that early in PHP only gives one clue, an error message saying that a post was ??? bytes and 4 bytes were expected!

Although there is no arguing with the technical correctness of the error message, the wording leaves EVERYTHING to be desired! For starters the message could easily have indicate the parameter that was violated which I would have recognized, just having worked with it, and made the change.

Fortunately for me, when I posted for assistance to a forum, someone who, obviously had experience with this error, replied and pointed me in the correct direction. I removed the “B” from the size leaving the “4G” and PHP was happy!



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