Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Loretta Lynch, and the list goes on, all believe that the laws of the United States–and the oaths of office that each one took upon entering each term–applies to everyone else and not to themselves!

As this is the 2016 Election season, my focus will be on Hillary Clinton, but I will include the others as the opportunity affords itself.

Let’s start with the most talked about of topics, Hillary’s Email server and the numerous scandals surrounding it.

She took the training on what did and did not qualify as appropriate measures for handling classified documents. Regardless of the characterizations by FBI Director Comey that the FBI would not recommend prosecution for those transgressions because of lack of intent, I must disagree with his assessment. ANYBODY ELSE in the entire United States Government who is NOT Hillary Clinton would have had charges recommended! Indeed, the list of people who have committed much less severe infractions and who have both had charges pressed and were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is a very long one, indeed! This is nothing more that preferential political treatment by the Obama Administration which is also a violation of the oaths of office by EVERY official who has come into contact with this case and who has declined to investigate, cooperate, or press charges. I hold onto hope that once Donald Trump is elected, his administration will prosecute EVERY Obama Administration official who violated their oath of office and who ignored laws to allow Hillary and her Email scandal to continue!

To Director Comey’s declaration of a lack of intent, one must ask exactly WHY Hillary’s server administrator went to the extreme of using an open source program to completely destroy all remnants of any emails that may have been on that server if there was NOTHING on it that could be considered evidence of intent to handle classified material on an insecure server housed in an very insecure location?

To the Democratic Sheeple who will hang on and believe every word spoken by Hillary no matter how overwhelming and damming the evidence that her statements are 100% fabrications, I ask how you can hang on the fact that she is a woman and can advocate for her to be elected to the Office of the President of the United States seeing that she allowed 4 American Citizens to die at the Benghazi embassy. Perhaps that once a suitable donation to the Clinton Foundation was made, she arranged for a company to sell a sizable amount of United States Uranium Reserve to Russia may be enough to convince you. Does it not make your American Blood boil to see the video footage of her telling the families of these dead Americans from Benghazi that they were killed due to an offensive Internet video? Can you still vote for her after seeing where she gave meetings to 87 private individuals only after these people made large donations to the Clinton Foundation?

Hillary Clinton is a complete and total criminal for everything she did. She may be an un-indicted criminal, but a criminal nonetheless! America already has a criminal in the White House because he does not follow the oath he swore upon entering the office both terms. Do we REALLY need to elect another unqualified criminal because she is a woman? I think not!

I NEVER WILL support someone who has such hate and animosity as Hillary does for the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America, and America itself! I find it incomprehensible to understand how others can, but it may be tied to the term Sheeple. There is a segment of our population who simply does what they are told and who do not question their leaders, as they were trained to do while in school. The last time this happened the entire world entered into a war to topple those tyrants and millions of people were killed and millions of innocent people were slaughtered because of these tyrants.

The saying that “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is more applicable today that I can ever recall in my life so far. I can only hope that enough American Citizens–both natural and naturalized–have awakened and will go to the polls in November and vote for Donald Trump! It will take a man like Trump to take on the overwhelming corruption in D.C. and straighten it out! Trump will need the help of the newly awakened American People to vote the crooked politicians out of office.

Finally, it seems that it is now up to the American Citizens to pressure our state governments to call for an Article V Convention of States so that the People can craft new Amendments to the Constitution to improve our Country. The Convention of States and new Amendments will be the subject of another post!

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