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Politicians, Well Certain Ones, Act as if They Are Above The Law!

I NEVER WILL support someone who has such hate and animosity as Hillary does for the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America, and America itself! I find it incomprehensible to understand how others can, but it may be tied to the term Sheeple. There is a segment of our population who simply does what they are told and who do not question their leaders, as they were trained to do while in school. The last time this happened the entire world entered into a war to topple those tyrants and millions of people were killed and millions of innocent people were slaughtered because of these tyrants. […]

Federal Government “Interpreting” the Constitution of the United States Instead of Passed Laws!

I am advocating that we “interpret” the words of the Constitution as they are written on the paper and not try to add anything else to them. That opinion causes some people to “pigeon-hole” me as a “Constitutional Originalist”. I have been referred to in much more derogatory terms. I consider that label a high honor as the late Justice Antonin Scalia also had that label applied. […]